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Software and Documentation Downloads

Here you will find upgrades and support files for AST products.  Many files downloaded from this site are in .zip format, and require an unzip program to unpack.  If you are running Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, or Windows Vista, the .zip files can be unpacked using Windows Explorer.  If you do not have an unzip program, please visit WinZip's web site at www.winzip.com to download a free version.


- NDCOMM2 Version 4.4.2 - This console (text) mode application allows communications with all version of AST/NDI products (DC2.x, DC2.5, DC4, DC5, etc.)  The enclosed documentation describes the command line switches which control its features.

- NDI Transfer - This Windows application moves files to and from the DC using a serial port connection.


DC5 Windows CE OS Image

- EZLoad 2.9.06 - This is a self extracting program that includes the AST/NDI Boot* program and the latest OS Binary Image in one file.  Simply download the file into the desired folder on your computer and double click the .exe file to unpack.  Then run the program "NDIBoot" and follow the on-screen directions.  NOTE:  Whenever downloading a new EZLoad program, discard the old version of NDIBoot.  Use the new NDIBoot program for loading any OS version, even older ones.  NDIBoot requires MFC42.DLL to run.  It is normally installed as part of Windows automatically.  If your system does not have this file, you can get it here (MFC42.ZIP).

- Why Update? - This file lists the major features of, and changes to, the DC5 OS.  It is updated each time a new version of the OS is released.


DC5 Application Developers

- AST/NDI Test RF - A sample set of source code for AST/NDI Partners and those developing for the DC5 platform.  This sample application exercises the internal modem of a DC5.  This code acts as both a base station and a client.  It can be compiled for either a PC or DC5.  It has several options allowing simple messages to be passed back and forth.


AST/NDI W.I.N. (Wireless Inventory Network)

- AST/NDI Current WinClient Version - This is the DC5 client side of the W.I.N. product.


WINTAKES Support Files

- WINTAKES Report Update - This update, released on 7/19/2007, resolves an issue where the second quantity field was not being factored into audit trail reports.  To install this update, download WintakesReportUpdate2-144.exe, and run the program.  Your Wintakes 1.4.4 reports will be updated to reflect this change.

- WINTAKES Release Notes

- WINTAKES Updates

- WINTAKES Host/Server Reference Manual

- WINTAKES DC5 User Guide

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